KVGM 2017 Winners!

Kids as Video Game Makers 2017 had over 2,500 entries from all over the United States (and actually the world!) These kids were given the challenge to build a video game around how they envisioned the future; either for themselves or the future in general.

The "Build Your Future" theme was stretched to the max as submissions began rolling in during the month of February! Some games took place light-years into the future, while others were only a few years down the road. Whichever game you played, you immediately found yourself in a new world with a new story to follow. Needless to say, the kids who helped make KVGM what it is have imaginations that are second-to-none!

In this post, we're highlighting what our judges panel agreed on as the Top 3 games of KVGM 2017! A special thank again to the judges who spent hours (and hours) of their limited free time to play these games and score them appropriately for our 2017 contest. And a thank you to the talented kids that exceeded all our expectations!

Read our blog post recapping our Grand Prize Winner's trip & tour of GDC 2017!

So, without any further ado, here are your 2017 Kids as Video Game Makers Top 3 Winners!


Infinity Wall: (786, 777)
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by Hannah F. (Flewcrew)

Learn the ins and outs of the different facets of computer programming like C++, Python and Scratch as you trek your way thru this new-age approach to Computer Sci (aka: CompSci)! The backgrounds and art in this game are INCREDIBLE! Fight off hackers and computer viruses as you collect batteries to charge your computer & have enough juice to make it through to the very end... if you can!



Infinity Wall: (-98, 8912)
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What is your move? 

by Ethan B. (Me1234)
Age: 12

This maze of a game is insanely tough to find your way thru! At the beginning, make your way thru school and avoid the bullies. Then use your shrink potion to find your way thru a maze! Watch your step every where you go. And be sure you check out every possible hint you get to make your way to the end. And these enemies have some SERRRRIOUS brains on them so beware!



Infinity Wall: (495, 504)
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Iggy the Coder

by Kai P. (Kai13bitbuilder)
Age: 11

Iggy wakes up late for work and has to maneuver his way thru the streets as he fights off wacky fire hydrants and angry dogs. His adventure takes you thru the clouds to go up against angry rain clouds as you detour road construction. Once you find yourself at the office, you have to help your coworkers fight a computer virus by collecting the antivirus and defeating red and blue viruses. Talk to everyone. And don't forget your shrinking potion with this one!