Game Jams with Bloxels!


Summer doesn't stop us from Building!


Last week, we got to build video games with the YMCA Bellville Summer Camp and the Lab Revolution 4-H Club in Farmington, MO! 

The Table of Builders

The Table of Builders


From solo builders to team building, these kids had an incredible knack for building video games. A team of four got together and built a 4 room game together which they titled "A Link Between Worlds" (not to be confused with the Legend of Zelda title). An animator/game designer team built an awesome game featuring a dancing worm as the hero and evil unicorns as the enemies! 

Congrats to 13-bit Builder Garrett for winning our Box set raffle! 

It was a blast building with you all, Bellville YMCA and Lab Revolution 4H club!