Building with the Think Camp!

Thinking like Game Designers and Artists

"Alright everyone, its time to clean up!" said Ms. Panneri, the counselor at the Think Camp.

"But we're not done!" shouted one of the kids. 

"But you've been playing Bloxels for 2 hours now!" Ms. Panneri responded.

"We want 2 more!" 

On Thursday, we got to build with the kids at the Wilson School Think Camp! These super smart builders were creating some amazing characters and levels. It was great to see some collaboration in making their games! 

At the end of the session, each of the builders got to showcase their creations on the big screens. When asked who wanted to showcase their creations, all of the kids raised their hands and wanted to show off their games and characters!! Building was a blast, but being able to share their content was the highlight of their day. 

A big thanks Wilson School and Malika Panneri for having us!