Attention, Fans of Bloxels: We Want to Hear from You!

Hello, Bloxels builders! Phil here! Bloxels has been available for just over a few months now, and the feedback has been mighty positive, whether it's with critics or consumers. 

We'd like to focus on the latter. No doubt many of you who own a Bloxels set have found it to be a fun and easy means to create your own characters, levels, and games. What we'd like is to hear from our fans with their positive experiences thus far with Bloxels. Whether you're a parent, an educator, a student, or anything else I've forgotten to mention, we want to hear your stories and your experiences with Bloxels. Your feedback can be in anecdotal form, multi-paragraph form, or as simple as just a sentence-long statement. It's totally up to you! Though multi-chapter novel form might be pushing it just a tad!

We will feature the best, most interesting comments/stories/experiences from our fans in upcoming posts right here on the Bloxels blog, along with many other goodies on a semi-regular basis. We very much look forward to your tales of Bloxels!

I want to read and see all about your experiences and stories with Bloxels, so feel free to contact me at phil (dot) stortzum (at) projectpixelpress (dot) com or on Twitter via @SP_Central