How to make a game with Bloxels.

Bloxels uses the typical assets of an animated story – the characters, environments, and challenges – and combines them into a video game to play, share and collaborate alongside friends.


Build layout, characters and art on the gameboard. 

Capture it with
the device camera.

Animate & configure
what you built.

Bring it all together to
play & share.


Each colored block represents
something, well…something awesome.

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Bloxels makes creating assets easy by breaking down the art to a simple 13-bit pixel level, which can be created with toy-based building on the Bloxels gameboard and then "captured" using the device camera, or created with with screen-based building directly in the app. With content now created, adding interactivity to the assets, such as animations, movements and more is extremely simple to start and infinitely through our block-based coding tools.

The power of Bloxels comes to life, and the hard work pays off, once you share your game and experience others playing.

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