Melika & her students at The Wilson School in St. Louis, Missouri were some of our very first 13-Bit Builders ever!

Action Move Kid takes on Bloxels!


Peep This: Bloxels | Ep. #12

Our latest Bloxels TV spot, airing on major children's networks starting October 9th, 2016.


Lex & Charlie walk us through the video games they each created about the way they see their future for Kids as Video Game Makers 2017! Whether you're Rainbow Kitty fighting off all the dancing dogs wanting to take over the cat dance studio, or Izzy the Rockstar trying to battle his way to the top of rock & roll fame and fortune, the possibilities are endless.

Bloxels was demonstrated and tested by 3rd and 6th grade students at Hillsboro Elementary in Missouri. This video highlights students and teacher's reaction to their experience creating with Bloxels.



Episode 1: Welcome to the show! Meet two of the hosts, Joey and Danny, as they challenge each other to a Bloxels Speed Build. Then, check out Brain Boards - a new feature that allows you to customize your enemies' attributes! Subscribe for more Block Party!