Tutorial Videos

Need some help learning how Bloxels works with the Bloxels Builder app?

Take a minute to watch one, some or all of these tutorial videos to quickly make yourself a regular 13-Bit Builder! 


How it works - Full Tutorial

Don't know where to start with Bloxels? Try starting here! Learn all the ins and outs of how the gameboard and blocks work in tandem with the Bloxels Builder app on your device.


How Building Boards Work

Learn how to build different elements of your video game with the blocks and board and then bring them into your game.


How to Build Your First Character

Every game needs a hero! Find out how to build and design your character in your Bloxels game. 


What is the Infinity Wall?

Understand the vastness of the Infinity Wall and how to use it for your own creations and games. 


How to Animate your Characters

Learn how to add life to your characters by animating their different states of movement. 


Learn to Navigate the App

Take a few minutes and understand all the different pieces of the Bloxels Builder app and where to find them.


Creating Game Layouts

Learn how to create entire game layouts by connecting your rooms one board at a time. 


How to Make Backgrounds

Add depth to your video game by designing and creating interesting backgrounds to decorate your entire digital story.


Using "Capture" in the Bloxels app

Capture is a core piece of the Bloxels experience. Learn how to properly capture your game board on your device.