Spooky Hero Challenge

Grades 3 - 5

Every video game has a dynamic hero, and every Halloween video game has a dynamically SPOOKY hero. In this activity we’ll be focusing on creating the spookiest, scariest, most Halloweeniest hero we can fit into 169 little pixels. Your hero can lean towards the traditional, like a mummy or a vampire…OR you can get wild and make a robot zombie wizard! The choice is yours. All you need is a wild imagination and Bloxels EDU!



Teacher Instructions

Each student, or group of students, should begin by brainstorming different Halloween themed characters. Using various Bloxels EDU materials they should then develop their own unique spin on a spooky hero. This will be achieved by answering hero questions in the handbook and provided worksheet, sketching their hero, “pixelizing” their art on sketch grids, and finally digitizing their hero in the Bloxels EDU app by building it on the Gameboard and capturing their design. An added bonus for students familiar with Bloxels EDU will be animating the hero’s various states.




Student Workbook


Using the Bloxels EDU Student Workbook “Who’s the Hero of Your Story” section, answer all the questions to begin getting an idea of who your spooky hero is. For more fun questions to think about use the worksheet provided on pages 3, 4, & 5 of this PDF. Remember, not everything you answer has to be visibly shown on your final spooky hero, but knowing everything about them will help you design a more dynamic and interesting character.



Using what you’ve now learned about your spooky hero, grab some blank paper and a pencil and start sketching. Make several versions of your character. The key here is not to make a great drawing, but to see what you like and what you don’t like in a design. As you work through the sketching process you’ll begin to see a super cool, spooky hero emerge!


Markers & Sketch Grids

Now it’s time to take your favorite sketch and turn it into pixel art. Use the markers and 13x13 Sketch Grids in the Student Workbook to create a “pixelized” version of your spooky hero. Don’t worry if you don’t get it on the first try. It takes trial and error to turn illustrated designs into pixel art. Just keep trying and you’ll get it!


Gameboard & App

You have your finished art on your Sketch Grids, but now what? It’s time to digitize that spooky hero! Looking at your hero on the sketch grid, build it with the Gameboard and blocks. Once you have it built you can use the mobile device and the Bloxels EDU App to capture the Gameboard and bring it into the app. Once you’ve successfully captured your spooky hero, you can use the editing tools in the app to change colors and fix anything you may not have noticed in the steps before. Voila! Your spooky hero is complete!



If you’re feeling extra spooky you can animate the dierent states of a hero. You can add a lot of spookiness with with a creepy walk, or a scary jump!