Buying Bloxels on a Purchase Order

Thank you for your interest in buying Bloxels using a purchase order (PO). This page will guide you through the first step of the process. Once you've read this information and completed this form we will contact you directly regarding next steps.



Bloxels is currently available as a single Bloxels Video Game Builder Kit units or at an educator discount through our Team Builder 5-Pack and Classroom 10, 15 and 20 packs. We do not offer any additional educational discounts outside of coupon codes that we periodically distribute at events.

Once you are ready to place your order please start by completing the form below, however you can email us if you have additional questions.

Additional contact information is available here.

Getting Started

Please use the form below to start the purchase order process. We'll be in touch within 2-3 business days regarding next steps. 

Once we have confirmed your order with you, we'll send you an invoice (including shipping charges) from the creator of Bloxels, Pixel Press Technology, LLC

Once we have received your purchase order by mail or electronically, we will process your order and enter it into our system to be shipped once the inventory is available. 

Current shipping estimates: Bloxels is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping July 2016. 

Sales Tax Exemptions

We currently collect sales taxes in Missouri, Georgia, New Jersey and Indiana. If your order is placed from one of these states your order will include sales tax unless we have a tax exempt form on file.

If you in one of these stats and are tax exempt you can let us know by first completing the form below. We'll follow up with additional information.

Important Documents & Information

We can complete vendor forms. If necessary, please indicate that in the form below. Additional documents and information you may need are below.

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