make the move to BLOXELS EDU!

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We’ve listened to what Builders want, and have been working hard over the past year on making the best app to build your own video games- at home and in school. Builders want more powers and abilities, and to keep it simple to use. It’s all come together in the Bloxels EDU app, which we released in the summer of 2018 and have been adding and improving to ever since. We built it with teachers and students in mind, because they are always the most passionate about how it’s used and what’s possible.

And now, Bloxels EDU is available to all of our Bloxels Builder users!

If you are a Bloxels Builder at-home user with a personal account, you can now create a Bloxels EDU account, import your existing creations, and take advantage of the new app’s features. And the best part - if you have ever purchased a Board and blocks, you are entitled to a free account for home use!

With our focus on the future, the time has come to retire the legacy Bloxels Builder app. After almost three years of service, and hundreds of thousands of games created, it has been a great way for us to learn what’s important to you and the direction to take with Bloxels EDU. After August 1, 2019, Bloxels Builder will no longer be supported or available for download.

Ready to make the upgrade to Bloxels EDU? You can set up your account and migrate your creations here!

What’s BETTER in THE NEW Bloxels?

If you haven’t been following over the past year, or are just getting started, here’s what to look for in the new app:

New Game Engine, Power-ups, and World Building Tools

Build unique characters and worlds to tell your story. With all-new editor tools, power-ups, and action blocks, you can create the game you imagine.


Build anywhere

Login on any supported device, including the Web Builder and Chromebooks, and pick up where you left off with your games.


Remix free assets

Themed characters, art, and backgrounds are free to use as “Asset Packs” in your own games.


Publish to the World

Launch your games into the the world at the Arcade. You can publish and share the Web link to your game anywhere.

For Educators

Are you currently using Bloxels Builder in your school? Unlike Bloxels Builder, Bloxels EDU was built with help from educators like you, and it is COPPA and FERPA compliant. Here are some of the things you’ll like in Bloxels EDU:


Easy Class Management

Upload your roster or add students from your community. They can login on any supported device, from home or school, and get building!

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Activities and Resources

Standards-based activities across multiple subjects are available in the Hub, as well as downloadable guides and handouts to get your students making the next best game!

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Collaborative Studios

Students in a class can create together as a “studio” through the Class Library. Here they can share their own characters, art, and games for their peers to use in their own creations.

Asset packs, progress tracking, messages and more!

No one wants to “just make dirt” - so we provide free asset packs for students to use and remix in their own work. Asset packs are tied to subjects like Ancient Egypt and Space Exploration. You can also see what your students are creating and the stories they are writing in real-time through the Hub. You can even send them messages and award badges for special achievements!

Ready to migrate your students to Bloxels EDU? Let’s connect!

If you’re an educator and already have boards and blocks at your school, you are likely entitled to a free upgrade to Bloxels EDU. Email us at and our team will get in touch to figure out the right plan for your school!