"Adding a digital dimension to a physical plaything... [and] getting it right."

There’s an App for That Toy at the New York Toy Fair

"Students will find that designing is more intuitive and easier to iterate when using hand-held blocks rather than traditional on-screen drag-and-drop programming tools."

Mindprint Expert Review

"A perfect platform for the group to collaboratively create a game which not only did they have control over how it looked, but also the story behind the game...fantastic."

Bloxels – Creating games for a learning journey

"Bloxels is a great tool for kids to learn design thinking...It's not exactly playing, it's creating."

Bloxels Review - Make your own video game


"The thoughtfulness of this learning tool literally blows me away..."

Wrapping up at the Toy Fair 2016

“To say I wasn't disappointed would be an understatement. I never realised quite how versatile this new toy would be until I began to delve into it.”

FEATURE: Would You Like To Build A Game?

"With its colorful squares and simple-to-understand game board, the video game–creation platform Bloxels grounds digital game design in physical, tactile creativity."

6 Supercool Tech Toy Standouts at the 2016 International Toy Fair


"Bloxels is one of the rare apps that provides both instant gratifications and deeper learning journeys."

Blox Party!


What makes Bloxels different than other game builders?


An Open-Ended, Storytelling Experience

Bloxels enables kids to make and play video games, but its core is built around telling interactive stories. It's open ended, so you can tell the simple story of a cat climbing a tree, or build an entire adventure with heroes, villains, challenges and more. 


The hands-on toy components of Bloxels help create balance through kinesthetic learning. Kids get the fun experience of playing a game, and the values that come with building one through collaboration and socialization.

Topical Research and Design Thinking

With its storytelling capabilities, including the ability to add dialogue, Bloxels encourages kids to tell more complete and accurate stories which requires deep research in a given topic. Further, it requires design thinking to express those ideas in creative ways. 

Rewards Hard Work with Meaningful

Games can be created in as little as 5 minutes but can have a level of complexity that can take many, many hours. Players are rewarded for their hard work when they share their game. They'll see the appreciation (and play counts) they receive from other players who enjoy their game.


Enables Paced Growth and Gets to Creativity Faster

The Bloxels experience can start with kids as young as 4 and expands with them as they grow through grade school and beyond. As important, the simplicity of pixel art means the visual design can grow with them, rather than become socially alienating like many age specific games.

Multi-dimensional, Specialist, or a Planner?

Bloxels combines writing, art, animation, design, architecture, logic and experimentation. This means kids are learning various career components of creating in a digital world. Creators can assume all the roles as individual creators, or break into groups and be a specialists, or even act as the group planner.


Develops Social Intelligence and Emotional Skills

Creating and sharing anything complex is made better by bringing people together and working as a group. Doing so requires social and emotional skills that we start developing from an early age and never stop improving. Bloxels as a multi-dimensional and collaborative tool can help kids develop these skills at a younger age.

Moves Between
Home and

Bloxels is an experience that walks the line between entertainment and educational, and we want to keep it that way. As a result, we're focusing on play patterns that bridge the gap between learning at home and being motivated by fun experiences in the classroom.




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A tangible, physical tool like Bloxels gives kids an opportunity to better understand what they’re actually doing and compels them to put more thought into the design stage as well as being able to quickly evaluate and iterate those designs.
— Kendel Slack, Apple Distinguished Educator, Mueller College
‘Bloxels - the game changer in game design and creation, very simple BUT incredibly powerful. There are so many possibilities with Bloxels, from using the standard block attributes to creating your own animated graphics. Create, edit, review, collaborate, refine, play, share… the elements for an engaging and fun session are all there in one amazing package!’
— Joe Moretti, Apple Distinguished Educator
Playing with Bloxels puts the concept of learning by making – formally known as constructionism – into practice. Bloxels encourages children to become creators of media content, instead of just consumers of it.
— Matthew Farber, Ed Tech Leadership Doctoral Candidate, Author of Gamify Your Classroom: A Field Guide to Game-Based Learning
Bloxels allows students to work in a self-directed learning environment and become agents of their own learning and at the same time encourages students to use teamwork and decision-making skills that are appropriate for learners at any grade level.
— Grant R. Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Southern Illinois University


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