The most kid-friendly video game creation platform, ever.

Ever wonder how to make your own video game? With Bloxels it’s never been easier. Create your very own world with blocks and turn it into a digital, shareable game!

Build and design your games, create and animate your own characters, villains, power-ups and more – all done directly on the Bloxels gameboard and then activated with our FREE Bloxels Builder App. All you need are the tools inside this box and your mobile device to start experimenting, creating and sharing.

Bloxels (recommended ages 8 years and up) is the first technology of its kind and perfect for aspiring creators. And with endless gaming and learning possibilities, the fun is sure to last!


Your Bloxels Box Set includes 1 gameboard, 250 blocks, and the FREE Bloxels Builder App for creating and sharing your own video games.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee! 
Includes this limited edition "13-bit Builder" guidebook.

Compatible with the FREE Bloxels Builder App available on Apple, Android and Kindle phones & tablets.


How to make a game with Bloxels.


Take what's in your it...make it come to life with Bloxels.

Bloxels uses the typical assets of an animated story – the characters, environments, and challenges – and combines them into a video game to play, share and collaborate alongside friends.


Each colored block represents
something, well...something awesome.

Get this limited edition "13-bit Builder"
guidebook with your order when you buy now.





"Coding a video game is laborious—but Bloxels aims to change that with its new paint-by-numbers style of programming."

Best of Toy Fair 2015

"Bloxels meets the high expectations it set for itself." Top 10 of Toy Fair 2015

"Bloxels meets the high expectations it set for itself."

Top 10 of Toy Fair 2015


"Bloxels lets you design video games using plastic blocks. Yes, really."

10 cool Tech Toys 2015


"This could be the beginnings of a video game design fascination for kids that easily blossoms into a career."

Top 13 of Toy Fair 2015



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