Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Bloxels. For more up-to-date and extensive help topics please visit our Help Desk.

 What is the best age for Bloxels?

Bloxels is generally recommended for children 8-12 years of age, but it can certainly skew lower (we've seen children as young as 5 build with Bloxels) and of course older, much older! 

Bloxels contains small parts and should not be handled by infants and toddlers.

Be sure to visit our Bloxels for Kids Site to learn more about Bloxels.


What devices and platforms does Bloxels support?

Our app, Bloxels Builder, is supported on Apple iOS, Android and Kindle tablets and phones. Click here for more details on device compatibility. 

Buying a new device?
See our top recommended devices for affordability and compatibility here.


Is Bloxels free?

Our app, Bloxels Builder, is FREE however some features are enhanced or unlocked if you own the Bloxels Game Builder Starter Kit. The Bloxels Game Builder Starter Kit and other products are available for purchase on our website.


Can I buy Bloxels in stores?

Yes! Starting October 1st, 2016 you'll find the Bloxels Game Builder Starter Kit in major retailers and many specialty retailers throughout the United States.

Bloxels will be available in some international countries starting in 2017.


Can I buy Bloxels online?

Yes, you can the Bloxels Game Builder Starter Kit and our Bloxels Classroom Packs on our website. Please visit our store for more details and information on availability.


I'm interested in Bloxels for my classroom, educational program or group, can you help?

Yes, learn more by clicking the button below:


How many Bloxels Gameboards do I need for home use?

We generally recommend one Gameboard per player, although an extra Gameboard will allow the player to build faster. Because the Gameboard can be cleared and used over and over, even for the same game, the creator will not be limited by having only one Gameboard, and sharing a Gameboard works as well.

For classrooms, students working in groups should have a Gameboard for each student and a single device per group.

Team Builder packs (5 total Gameboards) and extra expansion packs are available for purchase at a discount over buying single box sets.


What are the specifications of the Bloxels Gameboard and blocks?

The 13x13 Bloxels Gameboard is 10.25" x 10.25" x 0.5" and is made of ABS plastic (similar to LEGOs). The blocks (made from the same material) are 1cm cubes and are safe for children 3+. The Gameboard and packaging are manufactured and assembled in Shenzhen, China.


Why is the Gameboard on a 13x13 grid?

We considered Gameboard size, block size, and even vs. odd block numbers when deciding the best size for Bloxels. Ultimately we wanted to make sure the blocks were choking safe (they are safe for 3+), the Gameboard would fit in most backpacks (it does) and we really wanted a "middle point" on the Gameboard (which it has).


Do you ship outside of the US?

Please learn more about our latest shipping availability here.


Is Bloxels interested in brand partnerships?

Yes, you can contact us at Serious inquiries only please.


Having problems installing the app our using the app?

First, check to ensure your device is supported, and you'll also find additional troubleshooting tips on our Help Desk.

You can also visit our video tutorials for an overview of various features and some tips and tricks.


How can I contact you directly?

If you are unable to find a solution to your question on our Help Desk. Additional contact information is available here.