Mattel Escalations to Tier 2


If a Phone Escalation is determined to be a Pixel Press (Tier 2) issue (Defined as an issue that cannot be resolved through ALL of the information available in the Help Desk) Mattel support will:

  • Create a ticket using the form below on behalf of the customer.
  • Identify which Mattel Support team member created the ticket by entering their own email in the email field
  • Include the customers contact preference, email or phone number and the related contact information in the body of the message
  • The ticket should include the following information:
    • device details (make, model, operating system)
    • area of app where problem is occurring (i.e. Infinity Wall)
    • as much detail on the problem as possible
  • The customer will receive a return call or email within 48 normal business hours from the Pixel Press team.
  • In most cases an article will be created within 2-3 business days relevant to the issue an an effort to reduce the need for Tier 2 escalation on the topic in the future.
  • Any request related to education product support, services or orders should be handled as a Tier 2 ticket immediately.

Mattel Representative Name *
Mattel Representative Name
Use this field to enter in the customers contact information any any further notes regarding contact preferences.
Please be as detailed as necessary. The more information we have the better!
If this is a question about the Bloxels Software, please answer this question.
If you answered the last questions and know exactly what device is being used, or the operation system being used, let us know here. It is very helpful when troubleshooting software issues.