Unlocking Features for the Classroom


We've added a new Gameboard verification stage to help with our efforts to continue offering the Bloxels Builder App as a free download, and at the same time to reward those who own the Bloxels Gameboard with a full building experience.

  • How do I unlock the full building features for my students that are now locked by Gems? Once the account is created, if you own a Bloxels Gameboard, you can use it on each device to unlock the Gems that are needed for expanded Gameplay by using the Board unlock feature. 
  • Do I need one Gameboard for each device I unlock? No, you can use the same Gameboard to unlock multiple devices. Our goal is not to restrict unlocking the app, it's just to ensure that we are rewarding those who buy the entire building system with the most features possible.

We are currently working on a mechanism to unlock the entire game map for your classroom accounts as soon as the board is verified. Stay tuned! 

For more information on why gems were added click here.

If you have additional questions, please email us and also be sure to visit our new Help Desk. We're here to help!