Creating Accounts for the Classroom


Here are some helpful tips and information to help you with using the new account creation system and the new Gem system.

  • Why is there an account verification process now? Because Bloxels is created primarily for children under 13 years of age, we are required by law to offer a 2 stage parental consent form and cannot provide a mechanism to skip it.
  • Can I use this as a teacher? We encourage you to use your best judgement in using this consent form. Please note this consent field can use the same email address multiple times, and the verified email will be customized to each username entered from each device. 
  • Do I still need a unique email per account? Yes. Once the account is verified, you will still need a unique email address and password to create the account. We are working to eliminate the need for unique email addresses for educators in the future.
  • Can I create multiple student accounts for my classroom? Yes! We've launched this feature on our new EDU Hub, login and learn more here.

If you have additional questions, please email us and also be sure to visit our new Help Desk. We're here to help!