Buying for Education FAQ

We're excited to see that you are interested in purchasing Bloxels for your school, educational program or group. Please check out our Bloxels EDU page for more information on leveraging Bloxels in these environments.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Bloxels for Education. For more up-to-date and extensive help topics please visit our Help Desk.

Can I pay with a purchase order?

Yes, if you have an established purchase order system please click the button below to get started.


How many gameboards do I need for my classroom?

We generally recommend one gameboard per student, although an extra gameboard will allow the student to build faster. Because the gameboard can be cleared and used over and over, even for the same game, the student will not be limited by having only one gameboard, and sharing a gameboard works as well.

Classroom 10, 15 and 20 packs are available for purchase at a discount over buying single box sets.


How many devices do I need for my classroom?

Students working in groups should have a single device per group, this keeps them focused on building together as a group. A second device can be useful for testing games while being developed, but is not necessary. 

Buying a new device?
See our top recommended devices for affordability and compatibility here.


How can I take advantage of my tax exempt status?

Please start by creating an account in our store here. Once this is done please email us with your tax exempt paperwork. We'll then quickly set your account to tax exempt and you can checkout.

We charge sales tax in Missouri, Georgia, New Jersey and Indiana (this may expand in the future). If you are not ordering with shipment to one of these states, you do not need to provide tax-exempt information.


I need a W-9, Sole Source letter, or a vendor form completed, where should I start?

You can find this information on our purchase order page, and can complete the form there to request a vendor form.


Are there any materials for teachers to get started?

Yes, please visit our Bloxels EDU page to access Lesson Plans and Activities made for classroom.


Having problems installing the app or using the app?

First, check to ensure your device is supported on the app download page, and you'll also find some installation troubleshooting tips there at the bottom of the page.

If you are having issues with things like capture, building in the app, or sharing to the infinity wall, you can visit our tutorials for an overview of various features and some tips and tricks.


How much is shipping?

You can calculate shipping costs for our packages on our here.


I'm having trouble connecting to the Infinity Wall at my school, any tips?

We've had some schools need to whitelist certain domains in order to use the app, including bypassing Firewall issues. Please email us and let us know you'd like help with connecting to the Bloxels Infinity Wall at your school.


How can I contact your directly?

Please start by emailing us and we'll respond as soon as possible. Additional contact information is listed here.

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