Updated 12.4.18

Bloxels EDU Version 1.3

The Account page is where you can view and edit your Profile, manage your Password, manage and upgrade your Plan, and invite and manage your educators. 


Getting to Your Account

Click on YOUR USER PROFILE to toggle the drop down menu where you can view your Account, contact us using our VIP Support form, and Log Out of your account.


Click Click!

Click on the ACCOUNT link in the drop down menu to go to your Account page.


View & Edit Your Profile

In the PROFILE tab you can view and edit your First and Last Name, Position, Subject, and Grade Level. Your community of educators you have invited or that have invited you to Bloxels EDU will be able to view your profile.


Manage Your Password

In the PASSWORD tab you can create a new password for your Bloxels EDU account.


Manage & Upgrade Your Plan

In the PLAN tab you can view the number of Student Accounts you have, Upgrade your Bloxels EDU Plan, Add Educators to your community and give them Student Accounts. 


Your Admin Dashboard

At the top of the PLAN tab is your Admin Dashboard. This is where you can view the number of Student Accounts you have, upgrade to add more Student Accounts, and view your Plans expiration date.


Add More Student Accounts

Click the UPGRADE button to purchase more Student Accounts. Bloxels EDU Software Plan comes with 25 Student Accounts.


Add an Educator

Click ADD EDUCATOR to invite an educator to start using Bloxels EDU and give them Student Accounts from your available Student Accounts.


Invite Educator & Give Student Accounts

Type educator’s email address into the Email Address field, then enter the amount of Student Accounts you would like to give them in the Number of Student Accounts field.

Click the INVITE button to email them an invite. The Student Accounts you give the educator will come out of your available Student Accounts.


Manage Your Educator Invites

Click the RESEND INVITE button to invite the educator.

Click the CANCEL INVITE button to cancel the educators invite. The Student Accounts you gave the educator will return to your available Student Accounts.


Manage Your Educators

Click the KEBAB icon to the right of the educator in the user list to open the drop down menu. 


Manage Your Educators

Click VIEW PROFILE to view their  Bloxels EDU Profile.

Click GIVE STUDENT ACCOUNTS to give them Student Accounts from your available Student Accounts.  

Click MANAGE CLASSES to view and manage their Classes and Student Accounts.

Click REMOVE EDUCATOR to remove educator from your community. Their account and student accounts will not be deleted.


Redeem Activation Code

Type in your Activation Code and click REDEEM to upgrade or renew your Bloxels EDU subscription.

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If you are still having trouble managing your account or anything else in the Bloxels EDU Hub, please email or contact us using the SUPPORT link in your account drop down in the top navigation!


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