Updated 10.23.18

Bloxels EDU Version 1.2

Once you have Logged In to the Bloxels EDU Hub, you will need to create a class. In your Class, you can Add Students and create a Class Code so your students can Sign In to the Bloxels EDU app.


Where to?

Once you have logged in to the Bloxels EDU Hub you will land on the Resources page. Click the CLASSES link in the side navigation.


Create a Class

Click either of the CREATE CLASS buttons.


Name Your Class!

Type your desired name into the Name Your Class field and click the CREATE button. 


You’ve Created a Class!

From your Class Dashboard you can Edit your class name, Remove (delete) your Class, Create and Edit your Class Code, and add and manage your Student Accounts.


Edit or Remove Your Class

Click the COGWHEEL icon to open the drop down menu. 

Click EDIT CLASS to change the name of your Class.

Click REMOVE CLASS to remove the Class and archive the Student Accounts. (Their accounts will not be deleted, however the class will be inactive and they will not be able to login.) 


Create Your Class Code

The Class Code is used for students to access their class in the Bloxels EDU app. Each class is assigned a default code when created. 

Click on the CLASS CODE and start typing to change your code to any 6 letter or digit combo you like.

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If you are still having trouble creating a class or anything else in the Bloxels EDU Hub, please email or contact us using the SUPPORT link in your account drop down in the top navigation!


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