Asset packs!

Updated 11.13.18

Bloxels EDU Version 1.3

Asset Packs are bundles of pre-made characters, art and backgrounds. In the Hub you can select which Asset Packs to make available to your class of students. Once you add an Asset Pack to a Class, students can use and remix the characters, art, and backgrounds in their video game in the Bloxels EDU app.


Get to Your Classes!

Click the CLASSES link in the side navigation view your classes.


Choose a Class

Click on the CLASS you want to add an Asset Pack to.


Click Asset Packs

From your Class Dashboard, click the ASSET PACK tab. 


Browse Asset Packs

In the ASSET PACK tab you can browse, search, and sort through Asset Packs. Click on the desired ASSET PACK to preview the characters, art, and backgrounds.


Add to Your Class’s Asset Pack Library

Click the ADD TO CLASS button to add this Asset Pack to your classes Asset Pack Library.

Not what your looking for? Click the AAROW icon to return to the ASSET PACK dashboard.



The Asset Pack has been added to your class’s Asset Pack Library. Once the students are logged in, they can begin decorating and remixing their video game using the Asset Pack.


Add More Asset Packs!

Back in the ASSET PACK tab you can browse and add more Asset Packs to your class’s Asset Pack Library.

Asset 2@10x.png

If you are still having trouble with Asset Packs or anything else in the Bloxels EDU Hub, please email or contact us using the SUPPORT link in your account drop down in the top navigation!