The arcade!

Updated 1.8.19

Bloxels EDU Version 1.4

The Bloxels EDU Arcade is where students can publish their games online so they can show off what they’ve created to their parents, friends, and the world. Through the Arcade, they’ll be able to play games made by other students with Bloxels EDU. Through the Hub, you have visibility and control over what they share, and the ability to turn this feature off and on for each class through the Hub.


Get to Your Classes!

Click the CLASSES link in the side navigation view your classes.


Choose a Class

Click on the CLASS whose Arcade games you would like to moderate and view.


Get to the Arcade!

Click the ARCADE tab.


Control Students Access to the Arcade

Click the ON toggle to turn your classes Arcade access in the Bloxels EDU app off and on. 

The Arcade is ON by default.


Games in the Arcade

View the games your students have shared in the Arcade. View the game Titles, Creator, Plays, and Status. The Bloxels Team will moderate and approve each game shared in the Arcade. Until a game is approved, the game will not show up in the Arcade.

Status represents:


Awaiting Approval By Bloxels

Until approved by Bloxels, the game will not be available in the Arcade.


Approved By Bloxels

The game is available in the Arcade.


Click, Click!

Click on a GAME to view the games details.


Game Details: Awaiting Approval By Bloxels

Click the PLAY button to open and play the game in a web player.

Click the COPY icon to copy the games web player URL to share with parents, colleagues, and friends. Games awaiting approval by Bloxels are still available at their URL.

Click the MESSAGE button to send a message to the student about their game.

Click the UNPUBLISH button to reject their game from being shared in the Arcade.


Game Details: Approved By Bloxels

Click the UNPUBLISH button to remove the published game from the Arcade.


Send Message

Clicking the MESSAGE, or UNPUBLISH buttons will prompt you to send a message straight to the students Bloxels EDU account about their game.


Back to the Arcade!

Click the LEFT ARROW icon to return to your class’ Arcade Dashboard.

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If you have more questions with the Arcade or anything else in the Bloxels EDU app, please email or contact us using the SUPPORT link in your account drop down in the top navigation in the Hub!