Updated 10.23.18

Bloxels EDU Version 1.2

Once you have created a class you will need to add students. Adding students to your class will create their Student Accounts which they will use to build and share games in the Bloxels EDU app. 


Add Students!

Add the students in your class by clicking ADD STUDENTS.


Add Multiple, or One at a Time

Click the ADD MULTIPLE STUDENTS button to add multiple students at once. (Skip ahead to Step 3)

You can also type a students name into the Start Typing to Add Student field, then click the NAME (USERNAME) that appears underneath. (Skip ahead to Step 5)


Adding Multiple Students

Type or paste your classroom’s students into the Student List field (each name on a new line) and click the NEXT button. 

Their Bloxels EDU usernames will be created by combining their First and Last name.


Double Check!

Confirm your students names are formatted correctly, then click the NEXT button.


Almost Done!

From here you can click the ADD MULTIPLE STUDENTS button to add more students.

Type a students name into the Start Typing to Add Student field.

You can also click the ADD button to add these students to your class and create their Student Accounts.



Your Student Accounts have been successfully created! 

Once your students login to the Bloxels EDU app they will create a password for their account.


Your Class Dashboard

From here you can add more students, edit your students profiles, remove (delete) student accounts, view and reset your students passwords, and create and edit your Class Code. 


Managing Your Student Accounts

Click the KEBAB icon to open the drop down menu. 

Click EDIT STUDENT to change the student’s First and Last Name and/or Username.

Click RESET PASSWORD to reset your student’s password. (You can not create passwords for your students or reset their passwords if they have not logged in and created one in the app.)

Click ARCHIVE STUDENT to remove the Student Account from your Class. (Their account will not be deleted.)


View Your Student’s Passwords

Click the SHOW PASSWORDS toggle Off and On to view your student’s passwords. 

You can not view your students passwords if they have not logged in and created one in the Bloxels EDU app.

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If you are still having trouble adding students to your Class or anything else in the Bloxels EDU Hub, please email or contact us using the SUPPORT link in your account drop down in the top navigation!


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