Updated 08.27.19

Once you have created a class you will need to add students. Adding students to your class will create their Student Accounts which they will use to build and share games in the Bloxels EDU app. 

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Add the students in your class by clicking ADD STUDENTS.

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You will have a choice of adding existing students who are already in your Community, or creating new student accounts.

You’ll have a chance to do both. Click “ADD EXISTING STUDENTS” first.

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Here you will be able to see all of the existing Students in your Community, and you can select them to be added to your Class.

Once you’ve made your selections, click NEXT.

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Next, and if you chose “Create New Students” you’ll have a chance to create new Student Accounts and add them to the Class.

To add students one at a time, use the fields for First, Last, and Username, and press the “+” for them to appear in your list.

If you would like to add new Students from a CSV file, you can tap “UPLOAD FILE.”

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To upload a CSV of new students, download the CSV template. In an editor of your choice, add students to the file, and then export as a CSV file to then upload.

You can drag the file into your browser or click the upload link to create the new students.

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Once you’ve added all the Students you want in the Class, you’ll get a chance to see what existing and new students you’re about to add to the Class.

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Click “FINISH” and you’ll see your Class is ready to go!

Students can now login with the Class Code for the class.

If they are new Students, they will set their password when logging in for the first time.

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If you are still having trouble adding students to your Class or anything else in the Bloxels EDU Hub, please email or contact us using the SUPPORT link in your account drop down in the top navigation!


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