Bloxels Data Recovery on iOS

We're sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the Bloxels Builder App on your Apple device that might be due some data corruption or bug that we are unaware of.

In order for us to help, please see the following video and follow the instructions.

You’ll need to connect your iPad/iPhone to your computer and open iTunes to copy the Bloxels App data off your device. Once you’ve done this, please zip it up and send it us here.

Need help zipping a file? Instructions for PC and Mac.

Once we have your zip file we will take a look at your data and how it interacts with the App and hopefully we can find a solution to your problem. If it is a bug within the software, this will help us push a patch update out that will fix the issue.

NOTE: You can also use this process, and the reverse of this process, to transfer your Bloxels data from one device to another.

Video Instructions



See the iTunes screenshots below for additional reference.