New York Maker Faire

The Pixel Press team, Amber, Lizzie, Josh S., and Josh J, were excited to show off Bloxels at Maker Faire in New York September 23rd - 24th. It was a great two days of outdoor creating, playing, and sharing for parents, teachers and kids.

This was the first time that we set up a ‘Builder Bar’ for the kids to sit down and create on. It was so busy at the booth we had to bring out another table for more building! We brought our Everblocks to build a chair for our ‘Tattoo Parlor’ where we tattooed kids with temporary Bloxels logo tattoos. We were giving away slap bracelets and showing off some of our new products Builder Challenge Cards, and Story Builder Cards that will soon be available for purchase.

This was the first stop on our Big Board’s road tour this fall. The Monday following the Faire we traveled to Long Island to Oceanside Middle School for our Big Board Game Jam. We had a blast building games with a group of 40 kids starting them off with our brainstorming kit, to board and blocks, to building their own video game.