Bloxels Builder v1.2 Released

The Shrink Power-Up in action.

The Shrink Power-Up in action.

The Power-Up selector interface.

The Power-Up selector interface.


More Power-Ups, More Features, More Fun! 

ATTENTION BUILDERS! We're rolling out the latest Bloxels update that is packed with a ton of cool new features! Here's a quick overview of some of the features we've added:


For those that experienced the “black screen” bug, this should now be fixed with this update. If you see it again please let us know right away to 


New Power-ups - Invincibility, Shrink and Map
New Inventory System – pause the game to change your inventory, access the map and more!


Updated Editor and Library User Interface
Editor Tutorials & Help Center! Quick Start, Capture, Background Builder, Animation Builder, Game Builder, Board Builder, Character Builder
New Character Builder Interface
New Eraser in Background Builder
Tagging Improvements & Multi-Term Filters
Major Optimizations with Auto Save


Added Creator Profiles, Dashboard & Stats – You can also now follow creators!
Infinity Wall Featured Content – Tap the Trophy Icon, congrats to our first featured creators.
Infinity Wall Tutorial
Overhaul of the  "Game Assets" View on Infinity Wall & New Tile Info Display
Now you can view the Game Map on Infinity Wall while browsing games.
Now much faster Game Downloading


Added a Bloxels News Section for all of the latest news on Bloxels
Paint Board Non-Destructive Shift - If you shift your board in editor and shift it back, the colors will not disappear!
Ongoing performance optimizations and bug fixes