Bloxels Looking to the Future


It's been an exciting few weeks here at Pixel Press! Last week we announced our new partnership with Mattel, creators of many of the world's best known toys. This is an amazing opportunity for Pixel Press to work side-by-side with a world leader in toys to continue expanding on the innovation of the Bloxels creation platform.

Through this partnership, our team in St. Louis will continue to develop every aspect of the Bloxels software experience and future product line, while working directly with the team at Mattel to handle the manufacturing, marketing and distribution logistics of bringing Bloxels to consumers worldwide.

Mattel supports our continued dedication to education. Our team will continue building the end-to-end educational components for Bloxels in the classroom.  We're looking forward to bringing many new tools and features to our educators in 2017 to continue to improve the Bloxels experience.

The new Bloxels packaging design.

The new Bloxels packaging design.


You can read more about our partnership with Mattel in the press here and here, and also we invite you to watch the first four episodes of Bloxels new weekly Web Series, "Block Party" released this week.

Our team at our office in St. Louis.

Our team at our office in St. Louis.


This partnership has been a long time in the making and we want to thank the hard working team at Mattel for their dedication – and thank you for your ongoing support in our effort to bring digital storytelling through video games to life for children everywhere.


The Pixel Press Team

Robin Rath

St. Louis, MO