Bloxels Builder v1.1.4 Released

v.1.1.4 is now out on Apple devices, Kindle and Android will be available within 24 hours.


Hi all - This update (v1.1.4) is a big clean-up update, so we decided to share all the nitty gritty with you below. Gameboard capture is now improved dramatically, so if you were having trouble before, please give this new update a try!

- Enhancement : Faster Gameboard Capture Processor
- Enhancement : Better Gameboard Detection in Capture
- Enhancement : Better blank/empty block detection in Capture
- Enhancement : Added Capture Progress Bar, with SFX!
- Enhancement : Added various tips and help menus, full “tour” mode coming soon
- Enhancement : Added “Reset Tutorials” to settings (found in global nav menu)

- Fixed Bug : Library Disappearing after Quick Start
- Fixed Bug : Player/Enemies sometimes collide with Story Blocks
- Fixed Bug : Blocks turning semi-transparent in gameplay after editing Level Backgrounds
- Fixed Bug : Removed extra white space when scrolling through the library with filtered search
- Fixed Bug : Hero stuck in terrain after changing rooms in Game Editor
- Fixed Bug : Story blocks not allowing capital letters
- Fixed Bug : Infinity Wall update notification constant refresh loop
- Fixed Bug : Quick start level layouts being added to library
- Fixed Bug : WiFi available but no network connection still allowed access to Infinity Wall
- Fixed Bug : Water rendering above Story Block text
- Fixed Bug : Water occasionally stops behaving like water
- Fixed Bug : Player log in/log out issues

- Other :  Various performance enhancements and bug fixes

Our next update (v1.2) will be a big one including a number of “getting started tours” for those who have been trouble familiarizing themselves with the app features. Keep an eye out for that coming soon.

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