Bloxels Builder v1.1.3 Released

Hi all, v.1.1.3 is now out on all platforms (Apple, Android, Kindle). 


The Infinity Walls is growing! Thanks to everyone for sharing all their awesome creations. This update fixes a number of bugs you may have been experiencing on the Infinity Wall and a few new features as well, including an improved Gameboard capture experience.

- NEW Game previews on the Infinity Wall and in the Editor
- NEW Forgot to name your content or made a mistake before adding to the Infinity Wall? Now you can remove it and re-submit!
- NEW Minor updates to the Infinity Wall, like noting games with the "End Flag" set, and balancing to the coin exchange.
- NEW A few "tooltips" have been added and we'll be adding more in the next updates!
- IMPROVED We've updated the gameboard capture experience to include photos that will show you the best lighting, position and angle for capturing your gameboard and new, more obvious on-screen markers. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
- GAMEPLAY Character collision adjustments, now they can go "into" blocks that have negative space, try it!
- GAMEPLAY Expanded the jet pack's ability to go "outside" of rooms, giving you more control of hiding things outside your rooms.
- GAMEPLAY Various improvements to enemy physics
- BUG Fixed issues with Infinity Wall content displaying wrong creator
- BUG Fixed issues with playing games on the Infinity Wall
- Various stability improvements & bug fixes
- Security updates

Have you created an account and shared your creations to the Infinity Wall yet? If other players download your content, you get the coins!

Seeing other issues or have ideas to share? Email us at