Basic Activities

Use these activities to get started with Bloxels. All of them are adaptable to many subjects, and should be considered starting points.

Also see our advanced activities.


HISTORY: Presidential Run

The purpose of this activity is to learn about a president or leader from your country and then tell a story about their life, their time in office, and what made them unique.  The first step to this activity is to pick a leader and research them. 

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MATH: City Skyline to Scale

In this activity you will pick a city skyline, choose your favorite buildings, and then create a game that features those buildings and represents them to scale. You'll need to combine your artistic skills with your math skills to make the most accurate city possible.

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HISTORY: Totem Pole Challenge

The purpose of this activity is to learn about different types of totem poles and different native cultures. You will do research and learn what totem poles stand for in different cultures and understand the symbolism behind them. 

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SCIENCE: Design a Plant Cell

What if you could make a game out of a plant cell? Give it a try, research the different elements of a plant cell and then build a game that lets you explore all the components in detail. How will the hero find his way to the nucleus and will he have to fight off the chloroplast or collect them? You decide!

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Interested in contributing to our growing list of activities? We're looking for contribution from parents, teachers, and players for creative ideas on future Bloxels activities. Contact us if you'd like to contribute and help us develop new activities.